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Eras Inc.  which was laid the foundation in 2005, participated to sector in Ivedik Organised Industrial Zone.

Eras Fountain have been producing pool sprinkler systems, waterfalls, musical dancing systems, water and light games,floating sprinkler systems, water curtain sprinkler systems, indoor and outdoor sprinkler systems and landscaping by using high technologies.

Eras’ experienced staff serve as Landscape Architect,Mechanical Engineer, Architect, Electrical Engineer, General Coordinator, Administrative Assistant, Purchasing Manager and Technician for maximum customer satisfaction.

We take a part in City Decoration area, in order to recover the citizens from dull atmosphere of the city by the help of sprinkler systems  bringing beauty of the natüre.
Our experienced and qualified expert team is working for Animated Water Demonstrated Systems.

With superior technology and unique designs, our company got all the necessary documents. we have been serving by using computer softwares in electronic units, for being  leader in this field.

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